Bringing the Core – Together

About us

The Green Clean revolution can be best led by RWAs / Housing Societies. The intellect of the country resides in these housing societies, the young warriors with technological weapons who can make the difference are a part of these communities. Some of the initiatives that have been implemented in these societies beat the global benchmark with the local knowledge base. Handling the COVID crisis has taught us the importance of being together as never before.

Green Clean India is an initiative to exhibit the collective power of these Housing societies by providing a common platform across the country to interact and exchange thoughts that best suit the community living. It focuses on Green, Clean and sustainable living to give a better and clean environment for present and future generations. Enough has been spoken about the environment, hygiene, clean security. The time has come to take steps in that direction, irrespective of the size of that initiative. Small wonders are equally important. With this platform the societies can exchange the experiences providing a readymade process flow for the successful initiatives and also preventing the cost of failures of reinventing the wheel.

Our country has challenges which we have to fight together. Waste Management, Water wastage, Rain water harvesting, Hygienic and clean living, Stray Animals , Greener landscape, Parking, are areas which can drastically change our society. The solutions are available and a collective thought of housing societies will push the paradigm change and will encourage the scale thereby bringing down the costs. Vendors who can deliver quality and service with least cost will succeed and expand. Innovative products, solutions that cater to customized issues, after sales service, constant engagement and relationship management is the mantra for the businesses to grow with these societies.

Green Clean India cannot survive without the key stakeholders. We seek cooperation of Housing Societies, their management, green clean experts and the vendors to make this initiative a successful one. We do commit to provide an interactive platform, informative and educative articles, service oriented vendors in close proximity while showcasing the achievements of housing societies .

Let us build this platform as an educational library for all societies to build Green Clean India.