Water conservation in Sec -11, Noida - Where is the problem?

Water conservation in Sec -11, Noida - Where is the problem?
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  • Mar 23 2022
  • by Anjana Bhagi

Water conservation in Sec -11, Noida - Where is the problem?

In Sector 11, years ago, the wells were dug in almost every park for water conservation. Very well, the heart was happy, boundary walls were built around those wells and they were covered with stones of the right size.

Today is Water Conservation Day, so I am raising the problem once again.

How the rain water will reach these wells, if no passage for the water was made in the boundary walls of the wells? Every park in our sector has 4 corners, out of which 2 corners have slope for the rain water. There is a lot of waterlogging in these sides when heavy rains come in.  I have been advising the Noida Authority for years, that if a 2-3 inch wide pipe is put inside the park, on the sides of the park with slope, wherein the boundary wall of every park has a space for flowers & plants of about 2-3 feet wide and if on the pathway a little pothole is made at the point of water accumulation, then instead of  water-logging, there will be water conservation and the roads will also be safe for people. 

There are only three points in my sector where there is a lot of waterlogging. All the three points had soiled surface. If a pipe about 20 feet long and few inches wide, was buried in the ground and covered with a net trap, every RWA could remove the trap before the rain to clean the leaves and garbage stuck in it.

The roofs of the houses in my sector are big and lot of water gets accumulated during rainy season. Why this water is not directed towards soiled surface? This is very much possible.

In multi-storey buildings, every year, lot of pure water is wasted by people by making it fall on the concrete floors, which then through the drains gets mixed with the sewer water.  If any member of a RWA or  a helper working in his house, seen washing the courtyard, vehicle, etc. with water pipes, should be immediately sacked from the post. There are about 15-16 RWA members in each sector. What if the entire team opposes those who waste water?

The maids working in the kitchen are another source of water wastage. While washing dishes, they keep the tap open all the time. This has to be controlled by the house owners.

In winters, the cold weather helps in saving water, but in summers, the wastage of water starts early morning. Due to high wastage of water, the overhead tanks gets empty quite fast and people start cursing the RWA and the water department.

There was always a lot of dispute to manage House waste. Today, Noida is coming first in entire Uttar Pradesh in the cleanliness drive. So why such indifference to water conservation?

It's been years since I've been raising these problems by writing about them. I do not know what else to say, but this problem has to be handled by all of us together. 


About the author: 

Anjana Bhagi (B.Sc., M.A, B.Ed. (topped in B.Ed.))

President, Mind talk the edutainment,

General Secretary, RWA sector 11,

Joint Secretary, FONRWA,

Executive Member, Noida Media Club

Editor, Om Vishranti Vichar Pravah news paper 



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