Responsible living with magic of colours

Responsible living with magic of colours
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  • Oct 07 2020
  • by GCI Desk

Residents of Eldeco Green Meadows, Greater Noida are spreading the valuable lessons of ‘Swatch Bharat’ with several innovative initiatives and this story of their together is a lesson of mutual cooperation and learning. The Green Clean India team visited the campus to take a first hand look at the initiatives. 

As you enter the premises of this spacious housing society, you feel the air to be different with children and families under trees and in park benches making it lively and outgoing. Eldeco Green Eldeco Meadows Society has a distinct green belt around it and it sets itself apart on many counts from the adjoining complexes.

With more than 950 flats within its periphery, this big and beautiful society takes pride in the fact that they have been able to implement many pro-resident programmes with the complete support and cooperation of the residents. 

Adoption of the green belt around it from the municipal authorities was the first big step they took a few years and the fruits were encouraging. 

“The authorities were prompt in their formalities and they were especially encouraged that it was a unanimous decision of all the residents. Funds were never an issue as everyone came forward with their willingness. Today we see elders doing yoga, children enjoying their time in this spacious green belt just in front of the society and it feels good,” says Sanjeev Nandkeolyar, the vice-president of the society. 

A new enthusiasm engulfed the residents when Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced the Swatch Bharat Mission and it was a turning point for them all. The society has been doing several sessions and capacity building workshops for its residents and other stakeholders including the staff and the vendors to upskill them with the state-of-the-art cleanliness practices.

One such initiative that stands apart today in the campus is the graffiti arts initiative and their colorfully and tastefully decorated walls are a witness to the enthusiasm of the residents. 

“It all started with a street play performed by our society’s children many years ago when the Swatch Bharat mission was initially announced. We wanted to convey the message to every resident in a creative way and we thought there could be nothing better than our children to say it,” says Nandkeolyar. 

The street play team consisted of around 60 children who formed the nucleus of the cleanliness drive within the society. Ably guided by their parents, these children then inspired more of their fellow age-group people and identified people within them with different talents to help in the efforts. 

Finally, the RWA allotted them the walls adjoining the park and amphitheatre area to paint it with their creativity. The RWA also helped them to be all painted white so that the drawings of the children are better visible. 

Armed with eco-friendly colours and mentors comprising their own parents, children unsplash their colours on the walls and the result was mesmerizing. 

“Our campus is spread over an area of 22 acres. We chose some of the prominent walls for our children and our trust proved wonderful. Today our society is a role model for others. We had parents who helped the children and remained as a pillar of support to them. Today people visit our society to see these graffiti and they think it is done by professionals and for them it's hard to believe it's all done by the tiny tots,” says Sumita Vaid Dixit, Secretary of the RWA. 

I must mention the contribution and guidance of our members Vibha Singh and Mridula Gupta who are both acclaimed artists themselves, who guided and mentored the children in their efforts, she adds. 

Every occasion, may it be Gandhi Jayanti or a festivity, the society members find a way to come together and contribute the greenery and upkeep of their premises. The grand function to expand the graffiti art to the newer sections of the premises on the occasion of the Independence Day had to be curtailed due to Covid Pandemic. 

The mission of the Eldeco Green Meadows to align themselves with the National Swatch Bharat campaign began very early with their internal sessions on solid waste management and waste segregation. Compost making for local use is an everyday routine of the families in the society now. A subject expert with in the society Ms. Karishma was instrumental in working along the elected RWA to organize sessions for the families. 

Certificates are issued to the children and the participants of the session by the society board and it becomes a great encouragement for them. 

The Resident Welfare Society of the Eldeco Green Meadows, Greater Noida consists of the President Manmohan Gupta, Treasurer Vikas Sharma, Sanjeev Nandkeolyar as Vice President, Sumita Vaid Dixit Secretary and five other executive members. 

“We have a very balanced system of distribution of responsibility and each office bearer and executive member is assigned one key area of functioning. It makes the effort equally distributed and no single person feels burdened. Some look after the Security while others look after the housekeeping and maintenance. There are separate people to look after the civil work and horticulture etc. It's like a family working together,” says Anjali Singh, executive member of the Society. 

 The walls of the society today are perked up with colourful art and the portraits of life size features. The enthusiastic participation of the kids have transformed plain walls and public spaces into art corners for many to see. Socially conscious and art-loving children shall surely grow to become better citizens of our country. 

If you have any such encouraging stories from your locality, do not forget to let us know so that we can tell your sparkling endeavors to the world. You can write to us at



  • Prabodh RWA
    Oct 23 2020

    Our country needs more such initiatives

  • Prabodh RWA
    Oct 23 2020