What Are The Steps Taken By Housing Societies To Fight Heat In Scorching Summer?

What Are The Steps Taken By Housing Societies To Fight Heat In Scorching Summer?
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  • May 05 2022
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As the summer arrives, the need to find ways to keep the surroundings cool increases. It is the time of the year when everyone, including animals and birds, needs shelter to prevent the scorching heat. Whether you live in housing societies, private homes, go to the office, school, tuition classes, or anywhere, the extreme heat of the summer makes it tough to travel and work. That time we look for the solutions to prevent heat and keep the surroundings cool.
However, ACs and coolers are fine but they are not the only ways to beat the summer heat. They are limited to your homes and offices and can only cool down the room temperature. Your body still requires other items like water to keep your body hydrated, cotton clothes to feel comfortable, energy drinks like electoral, lemon water, etc to provide the required energy to the body.  
Considering the rising heat of the summer, housing societies in urban areas are taking initiatives to provide ease and comfort from the heat to the residents and other people such as watchmen, maids, sweepers, etc.  
In this article, we will talk about the initiatives taken by the housing societies to beat the heat. 
Housing Societies Taking Impressive Initiatives To Fight With The Heat
In today’s world, most countries and sectors are focusing on the development of economic and industrial sectors and completely ignoring the environment. If the environment is not controlled, very soon life will be impossible on earth. The unbalanced environment causes the rising temperature that leads to unbearable heat. 
Controlling the temperature is not in our hands, but we can take the initiative to fight the scorching sun. RWAs are taking incredible steps to provide shelter to the people and essentials like drinking water, etc. These steps are important to save the life of people as well as animals and birds as the temperature goes up to 49? in the summer in India which can be life-threatening if precautions are not taken. 
To prevent the heat, housing societies are taking the following effective steps ?
Creating Shades
It is one of the best initiatives taken by the RWAs to provide shade in the burning sun. Putting sheds on the open public gathering areas such as bus stops, entry gates, and waiting areas help people to prevent the scorching heat. However, it does not lower the heat and warmth but provides shelter to wait for the buses and sit meanwhile. 
Water is the basic necessity of the summers. The rising sun and heat make everyone feel thirsty. It is important to keep yourself hydrated in the summer season to prevent water dehydration. RWAs suggest providing drinking water to the people including maids, watchmen, visitors, and even animals and birds. For this, housing societies started keeping water jugs on the entry gates or setting up water tanks in different areas of the societies such as parks, corridors, stairs, etc. 
Running Fountains
Fountains in the housing societies make the atmosphere cool with water splashes. RWAs are initiated to develop new fountains in the housing societies if there are no fountains in the society and fix those that are in non-working conditions. 
Spread Awareness
People are generally not aware of the problems caused by the extreme heat of the summers. The high temperature of the sun can be dangerous. The longer you spend in the heat, the more symptoms can be shown in the body. Starting from the dehydration that can lead to nausea, vomiting, UTI - Urinary Tract Infection, even kidney failure to other problems like headache, cramps, tiredness, dizziness, quicks & weak pulses, and skin problems such as irritation, itchiness, redness, and many others. 
These are common problems that can be caused due to the high temperature. That is why it is necessary to make people aware of these problems and the precautions that should be taken to prevent these symptoms. Housing societies are pasting posters in the entire society premises explaining steps to be taken and putting information on the notice board so that more and more people can access it and take advantage of it. 
The notice suggests wearing cotton and light-colored clothes in the summer season, drinking plenty of water, covering your face and eyes with a mask/scarf and goggles, etc. Following all these activities can help you to prevent the harmful effects of the sun. 
Activities for Children 
Summers are a fun time for kids. Summer vacations are when they can play freely, enjoy the environment and learn more. But the heated sun could not let them do so. Housing societies can provide sheds for the children in the parks to relentlessly do outdoor activities. 
As the summer vacations are the time for the children to develop new skills and feel energetic, g0ing outside for extra classes or something else might be hard. This is why in-society arrangements are the best way to engage the children in mind-development activities. Providing sheds and making arrangements for other necessary equipment are necessary in the summers.
Go Green 
Last but not least, which housing societies should focus on is to plant more and more trees in the society. Make the park greener and cleaner, watering plants and address the importance of the green plantations in the warmth of summer. 
More and more plants in societies make the environment cool and fresh and provide shelter to people, animals, and birds. 
Green Clean India provides various solutions to beat the heat in the summer. In order to reduce the rising temperature, Green Clean India uses new methods and technologies, providing facilities management solutions like water conservation, energy conservation, waste management, and innovative practices that help to limit the problems caused due to increasing temperature. 
If you have ideas about preventing heat in the summer, you can log in to greencleanindia.in to share your thoughts and even problems. You will get the solution to every problem. 
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