Apartment safety is about Intelligent security

Apartment safety is about  Intelligent security
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  • Oct 07 2020
  • by GCI Desk

Burglars and trespassers are now resorting to expensive equipment to break into premises. In these times of such rapid innovations, staying a step ahead with intelligent security systems, mutual cooperation as well as advanced technical surveillance is key to safety. The Green Clean India feature today looks at the concerns of security in apartments and some easy ways to adhere to the safety norms.

Auditing and strengthening of the existing security systems of the apartment has always been a top priority of the Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and soceities. A rapid increase in the crime rate in the city has a direct correlation to robbery and safety of the society members. Without having a robust security system in place, your house becomes an easy target for criminals. This article will guide you on why and how to choose some of the modern day security equipment.

Communities or societies require promising security that delivers the ultimate protection level for our dear ones. A sound sleep for our family members is to be ensured at all cost and awareness about the latest available techniques is the first step towards it. Apart from technical inputs, there is also a need for each flat member to be alert and take decisive action to protect their society from any aggression.

From the camera eye in each corner of the apartment to digitization of the visitor entry, implementing best and cost effective solutions to areas of security concern are in trend. In some cities, the administration and the police department form a major stakeholder of these upgradation processes by means of training and handholding to empower the resident society. Burglaries and vandalism are common incidents that condominiums and apartment complexes experience that is why security has become a challenge for landlords. The presence of apartment security systems helps ensure the safety of tenants and protect the properties as well as helps attract potential renters as most people looking for apartments prefer living in a safer environment. Here are a few reasons which have a remarkable bearing on the apartment security ecosystem.

• Indifference as a disadvantage: It is a matter of common understanding for visitors or a potential threat to decipher the demographic differences and indifferences in the society. Burglars think that breaking into an apartment is easy since not all tenants know who their co-tenants are. Green Clean India team suggests the governing societies and the occupiers to develop ways and means in terms of social events and family interactions for the occupants of the flats to know about each other and to share concerns. A society which has a high level of common events and social gatherings is a deterrence for any potential threat because the attacker would be well versed with the fact the members of the society know each other very well and any new face will be easily identified.

• Abandoned spaces: Criminals try to build a sketch of the abandoned spaces within the society with respect to the time of the day. They also take up a fair idea of the flats and areas which are empty during the weekends etc. They strike when most of the occupants are all busy at work and won’t be home for longer hours, thus giving them more chances for intrusions. The sketching of the routine by the anti-social elements must be avoided. Keeping the internal log sheets and CCTV visuals safe and tamper proof is primary to any such effort. There are also many RWAs which have a rotatory schedule of exit and entry gates which only the occupants know. There can be many other ways with mutual efforts to avoid an outsider to know the routine and schedule of the people inside the housing society.

• Burglars and thieves strike at homes of which they are sure about having valuable items like expensive jewelry and devices. The knowledge of the location and presence of valuable commodities help the intruder immensily. Here comes the role of using only the known and empanelled persons for services at apartments.

• Not having stand-by security guards to patrol the apartment’s premises makes it easier for criminals to break-in. The lack of sufficient security members means a clear chance for the intruder to strike. The distribution of the security apparatus in all locations and in all hours of the day that the deficiency, if any, must not come into notice.

Putting technology in optimum use:

Securing an apartment complex is different from securing an office, shop or a residential house. Before making a decision on what type of security system you should install in your apartment, Green Clean India advises that you might want to first consider talking to a security professional who has the experience and expertise in apartment security.

A security consultant does a thorough audit of the intrusion vulnerability of the premises.The assessments help not just in procuring a fool-proof security system but it will also help save valuable monetary resources by optimising the budget and efficiency of the apparatus employed. Some of the things that one can do to effectively manage the security of the apartment and its occupants are:

  • It is recommended to install motion sensors at all entrance and exit points. When installing an apartment security system, you may miss some of the points a technician would notice immediately. One would probably miss the idea that someone can break-in through the balcony or other outdoor areas. It is important to set up motion sensors at these areas so that an intruder is spotted. 
  • Video surveillance cameras are like other security systems that are dedicated not just for your safety but also acts as a big deterrent. There is a wide selection of security cameras ranging from Analog cameras to IP wireless cameras, HDCVI to HDTVI cameras. Each of them has varying capabilities and specifications but all of them can help improve the security of your apartment.
  • Consider installing door access control and biometric systems. Both systems will provide an additional layer of security to deter unwanted visitors as well as effective methods of approval from building entry.
  • Lighting is most important. Keep things well-lit at all times. This means you should install motion-activated outdoor lights so that occupants making their way in at night will feel safe and burglars will not be able to take advantage of dark areas where they can hide and try to break-in.
  • Card Access Systems are considered as one of the best security measures, Card Access Systems provide the best technology to access locked doors and gates. If your residential apartment is a part of a newly constructed building, then opting for this type of security is better than any traditional security measure. This is because it offers top notch security management, without burning a hole in your pocket. Access cards use specially programmed software to record date, time, and location of every entryway. These cards can store information of residents and visitors who enter and exit the building, spa, gym or parking lot. All these features make card access systems worth installing.
  • Advanced Key Control System. It will not only be an efficient guardian to your home, but will also prove to be a pocket friendly deal. The best feature of key control systems is that if the access card is damaged, lost, or the resident moves out, the card details can be deleted from the server just with a few keystrokes. Owners of multi-storied residential properties will prefer this system more. This is because advanced key control systems can safely store the codes of each and every person using it, and can be password protected on all floors. 
  • Guest and Visitor’s Verification. You can install a system to verify the information of the visitor via OTP to ensure the guest’s data is correct. Also, it gives you the opportunity to pursue the situation of your guests at your premises during your time. You can also search, sort, evaluate, and collect visitor’s information at any time. The number of times you signed in, and who you are to meet will be kept in your track.

Apart from the intelligent security and installable features, some of the avoidable acts of safety breach which can be averted by sheer magnanimity of enough procurement of required accessories as listed by Green Clean India are: 

  1. Ensure that the workforce within the premises is equipped with the complete safety gear. It certainly gives an additional edge to the worker in terms of his actual need in the eventuality of a crisis. And it also  ensures that the work is done on time and satisfactorily to the ‘safety-assured-working-mind’ of the staff or the contractual worker. 

The working force in the premises with full safety gear also reassures the members of the society of the quality and standard of the society he or she lives in. Do not compromise the safety equipment of the working staff, the effort to save money can cost more than you can ever imagine in terms of collateral and legal damages.

2.Ensure that the fire-fighting equipment and accessories in the premises is not just within the permission limits of conditioning but also are of best standards. An equipment lost can be purchased again but a life lost cannot be compensated. Small ways of ensuring total quality goes a long way in ensuring a hassle free living for all the people.  Green Clean India team would be bringing out an exclusive feature of fire fighting modalities with the residential societies. 

While the conventional ways of premises security are still relevant, a brush with the latest technology coupled with a proper audit of the existing capacities go a long way in ensuring fool-proof safety of the apartment. For any further query or suggestion on this subject you may write to the Green Clean India team by mailing us at: editor@greencleanindia.com




  • Supriya Bajaj
    Jan 20 2024

    The security is a real issue these days, especially in Dwarka. Thanks for publishing such a nice article.

  • Prabodh RWA
    Oct 23 2020

    Ensure that the fire-fighting equipment and accessories in the premises is not just within the permission limits of conditioning but also are of best standards.