Improving Health Of Residents in Housing Societies

Improving Health Of Residents in Housing Societies
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  • Apr 13 2022
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Improving Health Of Residents in Housing Societies


At this time, when the world is battling the pandemic, the concern for people’s health has increased. The Government keeps on updating its COVID-19 guidelines, and housing societies are taking initiatives for taking care of residents' health. Living in unhealthy societies may contribute to health problems such as chronic diseases. People living in housing societies roughly spend 90% of their time indoors. With most of the time in the office and at home, they are more likely to emphasise the potential impact on one’s health. Studies suggest that being cut off from nature and being inside for prolonged periods is the major reason behind a person’s health outcomes. In this article, we will discuss how housing societies impact a person's health and what they are working to keep their residents healthy. 


How Do Housing Societies Impact Residents' Health?

Housing societies directly impact a person's health. Lack of socialisation, space and natural environment impacts physical and mental conditions of all age groups, old people, adults, teenagers and even infants. Old people do not feel like home in apartments , which gives them a certain level of insecurity. They prefer large complexes that offer more choices of social contacts, or they can live relatively anonymously. Adults are the busiest generation and require more interaction to enhance their knowledge. They confront less development in skills with fewer economic resources and low socioeconomic status. Besides this, these skills decrease for individuals with high-end self abilities due to a lack of social interaction. In a nutshell, housing societies not only impact health but also cut the social contacts that result in underdeveloped skills.It is clear that housing societies influence the residents' health. For example, due to a lack of fresh air, a moist house can result in respiratory problems. But housing societies these days, after considering the people's health, are more concerned about it and taking initiatives to bring a healthy atmosphere in their societies and provide a better environment. They understand that providing the best infrastructure is not as important as providing a healthy lifestyle. So the thing is, what are those steps that are being taken by the housing societies in order to provide a healthy lifestyle to their residents.


How Are Housing Societies Improving Their Residents' Health?

A safe, settled and comfortable home is called a happy home. Everyone looks for some positive feelings when an individual reaches their home after a long hectic day. Housing societies understand the needs of the residents and their responsibilities. In recent years, several programs have been developed to provide a better life to the people keeping their health conditions in mind. Following are the changes made by housing societies in their apartment. 


Park Within the Society
Housing societies and complexes are different from the local colonies. The apartments are small, and they lack space. People living in such places stay limited to their flats. They could not get proper space for even a walk. Now housing societies have started focusing on the demerits of being limited to the small apartments and the health issues associated with them. They started creating parks where people could walk, have social interaction and get fresh air.

Parks in the societies have become a major requirement and a significant change in the housing societies. The benefits of parks in the communities are endless. In urban areas like communities, parks are the only option for residents to enjoy nature and be active. They provide active and recreational opportunities to all age groups. Besides this, it contributes to health ?  one of the major benefits. The greenery of the parks extends the benefits and promotes better physical health as the people get green & open space to exercise & breathe fresh, a place to make new friends and share their feelings and a kind of safety. When people come out from the four boundaries, they come up fresh and polished.

Maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene

When you live in housing societies, there are more chances of hygiene and health issues. You access public lifts and stairs and meet & pass through different people, which can lead to several chronic health issues. Housing societies, acknowledging the people’s health, endeavors to maintain a high level of cleanliness and keeps the public areas hygienic with the help of their team.Not only this, they regularly visit an individual's apartment to sanitise the nook and cranny, spread mosquito repellent & pesticides and dry out the entire space. Some apartments do not have proper ventilation and get proper sunlight, which moistens the space and results in respiratory and other issues. This way, housing societies are completely safe and healthy to live in. They are taking every step in respect of their residents' health which is highly appreciable.


Increased Safety

Unlike individual homes and local colonies, housing societies are safe and secured. There are fewer chances of robberies, theft, rapes, and other crime scenes. The main reason behind it is the multiple levels of security at different entries, CCTV cameras and highly secured locks provided within the apartments.No stranger can randomly enter the premises without their identity proof, and outsiders have to enter their name and identity proofs in the register. This kind of security makes the housing societies safe and secured living areas for families and individuals as well.  Everyone looks for a safe and quality life. Housing societies are known for providing a luxury lifestyle. Well, it is true. But, these days, housing societies are focusing more on their residents' health along with providing them with superior infrastructure. 

Green Clean India is the platform that helps housing societies to provide fresh, green and healthy environments to their residents. Because we know the demand of an individual is increasing with the advancement of technology, and they are expecting an improved atmosphere every day for their families and the growth of their kids. We are backed by experts and equipped with all state-of-the-art tools that are required to upgrade the environment that contributes to their health. If someone, among our readers, is interested or has any idea in mind related to this, feel free to contact us. We are open to recommendations at all times. if you want to join us or are seeking more details, please feel free to drop a mail at


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