How Green-Clean-India Helping Managing Housing Societies Sustainably.

How Green-Clean-India Helping Managing Housing Societies Sustainably.
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  • May 11 2022
  • by GCI Desk

Living in a housing society is different from living in a private house. Modern housing societies offer a number of benefits ?starting from security to affordability ?residing in housing societies gives a peace of mind. 

It might feel deluxe to the residents as it reduces the burden of regular maintenance and many other daily activities. But managing the housing societies is a challenging job because such modern societies encounter a wide range of common issues in their day-to-day life that hampers residents' standard of living. 

Some common problems that housing societies face are security issues, water shortage, waste disposal, cleanliness, parking, and plantation issues. Managing all these tasks single-handed and without expert advice is somewhere impossible. No housing society can alone provide a great and smooth experience to a large number of residents. What if we introduce you to a platform where you could connect to other housing societies to discuss and find solutions to your common housing societies' problems. Sounds interesting? Right?

Thanks to Green Clean India! A digital platform connecting a large number of housing societies representatives to connect and share their concerns & personal experiences through a very handy platform. It is a great platform to interact with extensive modern societies. The platform aims to upgrade the quality of life of people living in these housing societies.

It allows housing societies and individuals to interact and discuss different subjects related to housing societies' concerns including ?

  • Waste Management 
  • Horticulture Management
  • Water Management
  • Safety & Security
  • Cleanliness
  • Parking issues
  • Stray Animals Management
  • Maintenance, etc.


In order to deal with these problems, Green Clean India is helping representatives of housing societies in finding better solutions to these problems. The platform is easy to understand and use.


How Does Green Clean India Assist Housing Societies? 

Green Clean India enables managing communities of housing societies to find solutions to their problems digitally under one roof. The platform makes the process easy for housing societies and individuals with an easy-to-use interface. Green Clean India collaborates with Residential Welfare Associations of Housing Societies, sharing achievements and ideas to provide a better life to the people living in the Housing Societies. 

Green Clean India website is divided into three sections. To find how different housing societies deal with such a common problem‘Interact With Housing Societies’ ?section on Green Clean India has it all. 

To use this section, you need to visit the website Click on sign up and get yourself registered. Once you are registered, log in to the portal and go to the ‘Interact with housing societies’. Here all the latest discussions on topics bothering the Housing societies can be found. You can read and participate in the topic of your interest. You can also post images, audio, and video to post your comment regarding your topic. 

The platform is designed taking users' ease in mind. Features like filters, categories, and in-site search make it easy to use and find ‘ topic of Interest’ easily. The website has a huge library of topics that individuals can explore according to their interest and need. 

It also enables you to share your experience and suggest topics you want to discuss. The platform also allows you to ask queries if you have any. Reach the forum and FAQ section to find solutions to your queries on the usage of the section.

The next section on the portal is‘Green Clean Living’ which introduces not only to the initiatives taken by the housing societies to promote green living, but also to many articles on ways to manage Housing societies sustainably. In this section, you can read articles and experiences sharing massive knowledge about how to keep our surroundings clean and green, and what are the initiatives taken by the housing societies these days to improve residents' lifestyles. As a Management committee of a Housing Society, you can also post your articles describing your achievements in your Housing Society, so that it can benefit other Housing societies.

Not only this, GCI, also offers ‘Green Clean Services’ to help housing societies manage their tasks easily and productively. As we have discussed above, managing committees encounter a number of challenges in managing housing societies because there is a lot to do, from water conservation to waste disposal, providing utmost security to the residents, and many more. To manage all this seamlessly, Green Clean India provides contacts of rated local Vendors with range of services including ?

·       Waste Management

·       Green Clean Energy

·       Security Services & Safety Equipment 

·       Maintenance & Cleaning Services

·       Horticulture & Gardening Services

·       Water Conservation & Recycling

·       Eco-friendly Packaging & Disposables

·       NGOs In Sustainability Field

·       Green Education & Training


It is a one-stop solution for all types of housing societies' issues. You can register for free and access a number of reliable information and get connected with experienced Housing Society  management committee members. Housing societies and individuals interact with each other across the country. 

For more information and details and solve your queries, you can approach the forum and FAQ section. Visit Green Clean Indiato learn more about its services!



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