AOA (Apartment Owners Association)

donation initiative by our society

As the AOA of our society, we together with our residents, want to run a campaign wherein we want do donate our old clothes to the needy in the city of Gurugram. Can anyone suggest the best way to donate, so that the clothes actually reach the poor. You may suggest a good NGO or a place where the clothes can be directly donated to the poor.


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  • Nadya AOA
    Oct 30, 2020

    Nice video...

  • Mohnish
    Oct 31, 2020

    Great Thought and initiative . There are many institutions where you can donate . One such is Called Earth Savior Foundation where old and abandoned people are taken care . It is an NGO run by Ravi Kalra . I have visited the NGO and is authentic . Contact 9958871829 ( of a volunteer )

  • Mohnish
    Oct 31, 2020

    They come and collect it

  • Prabodh RWA
    Nov 02, 2020

    I also have some old clothes and would like to donate. Attaching photos

  • Arti Rikhy
    Nov 15, 2020

    Would highly recommend Earth Saviours as mentioned by Mohnish Rikhy. Due to many old age n abandoned people they are always in need of clothes . infact you can donate anything n their pickup facility is there.